Episode 93 Supplier CMO Series, Jason Lucash with Origaudio


Jason Lucash is the CEO, CMO, and Co-founder of Origaudio. Hub Promotional Group acquired Origaudio in 2018, where he is now responsible for heading the Marketing/Creative and Product Development departments. In this episode, Jason joins Mark Graham, commonsku's co-founder and Chief Platform Officer, to discuss the marketing decisions that have led to Origaudio becoming one of the most original brands in the promotional products industry, including:

  • Why Origaudio decided to invest in marketing people over salespeople and how Origaudio spends its marketing budget.
  • How he balances leading a company as a CEO and Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Outside-of-the-box trade show booth experiences and why physical marketing products do better offline.
  • How to get customers to engage with your brand.
  • The most and least effective marketing channels used by Origaudio.
  • Why Origaudio chooses to never offer free product samples.
  • The biggest marketing challenges they face today.
  • What Origaudio's perfect distributor would like.
  • The differences between online and offline distributors.
  • How Jason’s role has changed since joining Hub Promotional Group.
  • How Origaudio and Hub Promotional Group will bring their different marketing strategies together.
Join us for insight into the marketing mind of one of the most ambitious and unique brands in the promotional space today.
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