Episode 94: A Conversation with Elizabeth Segran of Fast Company, author of the article, "It's Time to Stop Spending Billions on Cheap Conference Swag"


Many know about the Fast Company article written by Elizabeth Segran entitled, “It’s time to stop spending billions on cheap conference swag.” We wrote a response to Elizabeth's article and our response was mentioned by Elizabeth on Twitter who said, it was a “genuinely thoughtful response to my swag story.”

This open and receptive dialogue led to our invitation to ask Elizabeth to join us for a further discussion about the topic and she agreed. Elizabeth Segran is a staff writer for Fast Company and whose work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New Republic, Salon and more. 

Mark Graham and I chat with Elizabeth about what motivated her to write the article, the impact of fast fashion on sustainability and its counterpart in promotional products, the need for transparency along the supply chain, and mostly, we wanted to remain open and respectful of the perspective of someone who represents the voice of the consumer.

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