Episode 35: Status Quo is the Enemy - How to Disrupt Your Company from Within, a conversation with Genumark’s Mitch Freed


How do you affect change in your organization without shocking the system?

Whether you are a small company or large, change usually starts with a small group of like-minded people who then influence the entire organization.

Seth Godin writes that "this is where real impact happens, finding a cohort of people who want to change together" and that "when people can see how parts of your message resonate with their peers, they're more likely to reconsider them in a positive light."

In this episode, we sit down with Mitch Freed, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives with Genumark and we discuss:

  • The power of using pilot groups to affect change in your company
  • How the "Millennial influence" necessitates change in how you transact business
  • The perspective of a 2nd generation distributor business
  • The power of listening: “You don’t know the business as well as you think you do.”
  • Disrupting the status quo so that you can stay relevant
Genumark is one of the largest companies selling promotional merchandise and apparel in Canada. Originally incorporated in 1980, with over 100 full-time employees, Genumark serves over 2500 active accounts including many broad-based blue chip clients. Mitch is Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and was formerly a Senior Consultant with KPMG, and a Co-Founder, VP, and General Manager of Pop Experience. He also received his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management in the Chicago area.

Join us as we explore how to begin to affect change that invigorates and transforms your business!