Episode 36: The Path to $10 Million (A Panel Discussion at commonsku University)


Easy success is an oxymoron.Though it is sought, it is rarely found.Principles pave the road to success: hard work, persistence, strategic partnerships (and more).

But there is more to success than vague generalizations.

There are specifics.To smooth the road ahead, we’ve invited some friends of ours, distributors who have achieved a level of success, to share their experiences and help accelerate our journey by showing us new paths, or by helping us avoid obstacles along the way.Recorded live at commonsku University at The ASI Show Chicago, we discuss what it takes to climb the path to success, and we chat about key factors that contribute to growth: net profit, mentorship, sales persistence, margins, and more.Our guests include:
  • Ann Vidro, CPA, and Co-Founder / Creative Studio Promo
  • Menda Wright, National Account Manager and Co-Founder / Creative Studio Promo
  • Mitch Silver, Vice President of Marketing / Printable Promotions
  • Johanna Gottlieb, Vice President of Sales for the Midwest / Axis Promotions
  • Tim Andrews, President and CEO / ASI
Join us on our journey as we climb the Path to $10 Million!
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