Episode 109: Introducing commonsku Shops!


In over 108 episodes, we have rarely -almost never- talked about new features that we develop, preferring instead, to put our guests and our friends first. We hope you can indulge us this one time as we introduce an exciting development we are proud to announce: shops!

In this episode, Mark Graham, commonsku’s Chief Platform Officer, and Bobby Lehew, commonsku’s Chief Content Officer, introduce commonsku Shops and discuss:

  • How commonsku Shops are as easy to build as product presentations
  • How commonsku Shops are different than company stores
  • What led to the development of shops
  • The three types of shops available: Company Shop, Pop-Up Shop, and Marketing Shop
  • How shops democratizes store creation, empowering salespeople to build their own (instead of relying on a team of experts)
  • How this new tool empowers the entrepreneur to build a better business and attract a strong talent pool of salespeople

Join us as we talk all things commonsku Shops!

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