Episode 108: Break the Wheel: How to Escape Conventional Thinking to Build the Extraordinary with Jay Acunzo


“When we pay more attention to the customer than to the competition, the customer pays more attention to us.”


The average adult makes more than 35,000 decisions per day. Luckily, most of these choices are routine and small, so we can simply react to the world around us. But what about the most important decisions we make? What about the things that truly affect our companies, our customers, and our employees? Do we have a plan and a process in place for making the best possible decisions with clarity, or do we copy the conventional wisdom or the latest trend? 

Jay Acunzo is the author of the book Break the Wheel, which helps people make better decisions, faster, when they’re surrounded by too much information. He’s a former digital media strategist at Google, head of content at HubSpot, and Vice President of Brand at the venture capital firm, NextView.  Today, he’s the host and producer of several documentary series about the working world, including his podcast, Unthinkable, named as one of the top career podcasts by Salesforce, Inc, Entrepreneur, and more. And Jay is our keynote speaker at skucamp Sept the 22nd through the 25th. In this episode, we chat with Jay about:  

  • The chief skills of visionaries and how they see the future more clearly.
  • The six investigative questions you need to ask to make better decisions.
  • Why you should ask trigger questions followed by affirmation questions.
  • What are aspirational anchors and how to find them.
  • The decision to keep exploiting versus go exploring.
  • How constraints drive creativity.
  • Why entrepreneurs and business owners should focus on constraints to drive innovation.

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