Webinar: commonsku collaborate for distributors

We hosted a webinar on how to get the most of commonsku collaborate, tailored specifically to distributors, which you can watch here:
Here are 3 key takeaways:
  1. We hosted a separate webinar specifically for suppliers. The response was tremendous. The common theme was "If distributors reach out to us with a good brief, we will respond with great ideas."
  2. We encourage you to use the feature as much as possible. Give it a try on your next project! It only takes a few seconds.
  3. We need your help to bring your suppliers on board (we are marketing aggressively to suppliers, but nothing tops a distributor asking their core suppliers to be on the platform). It's as easy as inviting them on your next project.
These are the suppliers using collaborate now: Hit, Jetline, BamBams, Prime, NEXT Products, Peerless Umbrella, Aakron,  Maple Ridge Farms, Numo, Admints & Zagabor, Chocolate Chocolate, Warwick Publishing, Starline, Hirsch Gift, SnugZ USA.