Live inventory checking now available on commonsku


At commonsku, we are always looking at ways to make the order process easier. We started with streamlining the order flow to create one-click processing from presentation through to invoicing. The next thing we are tackling is reducing the number of times distributors have to call suppliers to get an order out the door. The first step is implementing inventory checks live within the commonsku platform.What is Live Inventory?Have you ever placed an order only to discover there is no stock? You can now do a live inventory check for the product you have selected right on the product page in commonsku. This is possible from any page when searching for products on the "Products" tab, or when you edit a product on any form.               After clicking the "Check Inventory levels" button you will receive a pop up like the one seen below. This will show you the inventory levels that the supplier currently has.            Who's on Live Inventory?A few examples of current participating suppliers are HIT Promotional Products, Polyconcept North America, Starline, Gemline and Jetline. If you're a supplier interested in having your products included in this feature, email do I access Live Inventory?If you're a distributor using commonsku's business management software you can check inventory right now! If you're new to commonsku or a social user interested in this feature, you can book a demo to learn more about Live Inventory and how commonsku can streamline your order flow.