How Entrepreneurs Jam (A skucon 2018 Production)


Ever wonder how Entrepreneur’s jam? How they improvise? How they riff ideas off each other and inspire one another to greatness?Continuing a skucon tradition, three bold entrepreneurs took to the skucon stage in Las Vegas to share their business ideas and jam with a panel of seasoned prosThe secret of skucon has always been the vibrant community that opens their hearts and minds to one another to explore the possible.This year, our three entrepreneurs: Emi Larkin, founder of BrandMe Co., Sam Kabert with ValueBP Marketing Group, and Cola Svec, President of Soul and Swag, shared their ideas with expert panelists Brandon Mackay of Snugz USA, Anita Emoff of Boost Technologies, and Chris Ferriter of SoBe Promos.The most inspiring thing about the entrepreneur jam is the absolute fusion of experienced voices blending with youthful exuberance. Just like a jazz band's jam session, each member brings their own history, their special insight, and their own je ne sais quoi to the jam. You can listen to the jam below and follow along with each of the presentations as well.And a big thanks to our bold entrepreneurs who risked sharing their vision with the community and our panel of pros who shared their solid advice - an epic jam!(And, by the way, do you have thoughts or advice on how to help these brave entrepreneurs with their challenges? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!) 

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