Episode 58: Catherine Graham - How to Kick Ass in Business Development


Proactive business development is one of the most difficult disciplines to develop in a promotional products distributorship.Difficult, largely because of the resistance within ourselves and the numerous distractions that we let vie for our attention.In this episode, Catherine Graham, President of distributor RIGHTSLEEVE and CEO of commonsku, spoke to an audience full of entrepreneurs at our skucon conference in Las Vegas, on the subject of prospecting. In this episode, Catherine highlights many tips, including:

  • The three key areas of business development: organization planning, and execution
  • How to create sales targets
  • Capturing contacts in your email stream
  • How to use google alerts for strategic account penetration
  • Eradicating non-selling activities from your daily life
  • How the weightlifting tip of "reps and sets" applies to discipline 
  • And many more!
RIGHTSLEEVE has received numerous industry awards including ASI Distributor Entrepreneur of the Year, a PPAI Web Award, Counselor’s Best Places to Work and Catherine has been named PPB’s Best Boss and an ASI Rising Star. RIGHTSLEEVE received the Dell Small Business Excellence Award in 2009 for its technological innovations, the foundation of which became commonsku in 2011.Tune in for a supercharged session, full of experience and brimming with insight into how to actually kick ass with business development.
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