Episode 96: The Flywheel Effect: Radical Transformation of a 3rd Gen Business with Bart Simpson and Matthew Nutt


“We want to love our clients. When they realize that we are in the trenches with them and we want to be more than a vendor, then we have hit the pinnacle of the ideal client relationship.” - Bart Simpson, Flywheel Brands

Flywheel Brands is a third generation, creative print and promotions marketing company based out of Hixson, TN and focused on generating momentum for today’s brands. With a dynamic voice and an engaging and sophisticated social presence, Flywheel has transformed through company and remained relevant through constant, progressive evolution.   

In today's episode, we sit down with Flywheel’s millennial leaders Bart Simpson (Vice President of Client Development) and Matthew Nutt (Client Development Executive) and we discuss how the experience of losing a major client threw them into an identity crisis as a business which ultimately reshaped their company and their strategy. On a robust trajectory, they are nearly doubling the size of their company for 2019, we discuss this, as well as a number of other topics, including:
  • How the Marketing Momentum Podcast has helped Flywheel promote their brand, share who they are, explain their culture, and help them grow.
  • The types of clients that exemplify what Flywheel does best.
  • What it is like to work in a third-generation faith-based company and how this affects the company’s vision and outlook.
  • How mentors have influenced professional growth and given a perspective on life and work.
Join us as we chat with two of the most vibrant and positive voices in the promotional product industry today!
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