Episode 95 Supplier CMO Series, Molly Dietz with Strideline


Molly Dietz is the Marketing Manager of the Promotional Division of Strideline Socks. Founded over a decade ago by Riley Goodman and Jake Director, Strideline is a company on a mission to deliver the most comfortable, premium socks on earth. While attending the University of Washington to obtain her degree in Communications and Political Science, Molly worked at a boutique PR and marketing firm before working with Strideline.Molly joins us to discuss her role and to share how the company’s retail and promotional divisions seamlessly intersect and reinforce each other, how being hyper-focused often creates the best marketing opportunities, and their plans for incorporating traditional marketing and trade shows into their marketing strategy. Molly also shares:

  • How the company expanded from the retail industry into the promotional products industry.
  • How the company creates a premium customer experience.
  • How Strideline positioned their company as a premium sock provider in a saturated market.
  • Their plans to expand their line of products.
  • Their most effective marketing channels.
  • Why they focus on using industry search platforms to target distributors.
  • Their plans to explore more traditional advertising strategies.
  • How to balance digital and traditional marketing techniques.
  • Strategies they use to stay top-of-mind after attending tradeshows.
  • How the sales team has impacted the company’s marketing campaigns.
  • The benefits of having a small internal marketing team.
  • The importance of knowing the first “touch point” in the customer journey.
  • The importance of being hyper-targeted and focused as a marketing manager.
  • Strideline’s biggest marketing challenge.
  • The top three brands she admires most and the marketers she finds most inspiring.
Join us for a delightful conversation with Molly Dietz of Strideline!
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