3 Tips to Become a commonsku Power User


 I used to work for a pretty big communications company.  While there were a lot of things I enjoyed about working there, IT lockdown (def: the inability to install software or make any changes to your work computer) always drove me a bit crazy.  One of my favorite perks of working someplace like commonsku is that I can trick out my computer.  Likewise, one of my favourite things to do with new software is to get into it and figure out ways to trick it out and do fun stuff.Here are 3 things I do to trick out my commonsku experience.1 ) Use the mailing list reportGoal: Send a Targeted MailerTool: The Mailing List ReportTrick: Go to the Mailing List Report and drill down into your clients as needed.  For example, for a local event, using the country and State/Province drop-downs will help target clients that are closer to you physically.After your report results load, you can Export it to a .csv file and open in your favorite spreadsheet program like excel or google docs.The columns on the report are pretty self-explanatory and can be arranged and sorted for all kinds of uses.  You can complete a mail-merge to create labels for a snail-mail send out.  You can use the report as a call list.  You can also upload it to an email marketing program like MailChimp or Wishpond to send out customized emails to your target.2 ) Use tagsGoal: Keep On Top of Your PrioritiesTool: TaggingTrick: One of the most powerful CRM features of commonsku is the tagging feature. It works like tagging on blog posts or categories on your to-do list.  You can use tags to define your high priority clients, flag a campaign you want to follow, or note clients who do seasonal ordering.Once tagged, you can pull their info for a mailing (see above), Check out your sales targets via the Sales Target Report, or see how many Sales Orders have been submitted with that tag.3 ) Identify an opportunityGoal: DelegationTool: OpportunityTrick: If you frequently hand off information on potential sales, you'll love this tool. Put the basics of your potential order into an opportunity then assign it to one of your colleagues to complete the follow-up. Your colleague will be notified automatically and you can keep tabs on where your opportunity goes by using the Sales Rep report.Everything is captured within commonsku, so you wont have to keep on top of email chains.commonsku is cloud-based promotional products software to modernize your business. We give you the best tools to run your business from presentation through to invoicing and everything in between. To learn more or try it for free, visit commonsku.com.