How one change can grow your business by 30%


We've learned a lot about selling promotional products over the years. We've learned a lot about growing a promotional products sales team over the years. And, we have learned a LOT about making mistakes over the years.

Do you want to know the single most important thing we have learned?

It's all about the tools.

Not tools like what computer you provide, or what software you make available. We're talking about the tools you give to your sales people to teach them how to reach their goals.

One of the core beliefs of commonsku is giving your team the information they need.

But, it must be actionable.

The problem with reports

In our distributorship, we always had:

  • Reports that showed open estimates and presentations
  • Reports that displayed orders currently in production
  • Invoices tracked against goals

Using only these reports as tools is the equivalent of driving using only the rear view mirror. If you are only looking at what happened in the past, it's too late to course correct if you miss the goal.

A new view

The solution is to look out the windshield instead of in the rear view mirror. Stop sending out estimates and crossing your fingers that the client will go ahead. There is no magic to hitting sales targets. Start to methodically reverse engineer how you are going to succeed. Calculate your revenue goals. Know how much business you need to book each week to hit your goals. Now, identify EXACTLY where the business will come from.

We've seen business go up 30% with this method

The result will be transformational. Your team will be clear not only on the end goal, but on their checkpoints along the way. It creates a definitive path. Connect the dots each week and you will hit your goal.This process will bring an intense focus to your sales strategy. Each client must have a target and an executable plan. If a client doesn't fit, you will see it like never before.

Action Items

Start a plan to teach your team:

  • How to plan
  • How to reverse engineer
  • How to get comfortable with the numbers

Use our popular goals planning excel sheet as the back-bone of the process. (Download excel sheet) If they know these 3 things, they will know when the plan is off. They will know when the path is leading them somewhere other than their goal. And, they will know it while there is still time to correct their course. Lay that foundation and then get out of the way so they can execute!

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