The story behind resku

You may have seen an email, watched a webinar, or heard rumblings around your office like “Wow! this new version of commonsku is so amazing!” referring to resku. Or maybe you haven’t heard of it…yet. Either way, we thought it was about time we gave you the inside scoop about this exciting update.

Mark Graham, Catherine Graham and Aaron Kucherawy decided to sit down and record a special podcast on the story behind resku to dish about all the whys and hows. They break down why we decided to redesign commonsku, how these improvements will benefit our customers and why you should start using it ASAP.

Resku is available in commonksu now if you click create a new project. We’ve updated some support articles to help navigate between the old and new layouts and show you all the new features. If you have any questions or feedback about resku, you can reach out to Aaron by emailing

We’ll also be covering some resku pro tips and best practices as a part of commonsku University at The PPAI Expo on January 9th. The event is free but space is limited so register today!