The future of work in the promotional products industry

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The simple life

Work should be fun and life should be simpler.

We’ve spent the past 3 years building a software platform to accomplish just that.

Outside of the platform, we think a lot about what the future looks like in making other aspects of work and life simpler.

The first thing we’re tackling on this journey into the future together is freeing ourselves from the tyranny of the desktop.

Step away from the desktop, please.

Think about how often things like this happen:

  • You get home and realize the file you need to work on is on your computer. The one at the office.
  • The email you need to respond to is filed away in your Outlook folders so it is not accessible on your smart phone.
  • You lug a laptop back and forth along with 10 different USBs which carry a wide variety of important files so that you always have what you might need.
  • You lose the USB.

Your future is a lot simpler.  Imagine this instead. You walk into your office and you

  • Plug your tablet into an internet-enabled docking station,
  • Load your cloud applications: Google Apps, commonsku, and Dropbox, and
  • Plug in your headset to do your voice calls over the Internet.

Now, you’re off to the races.

No hard drive to back-up, no server to reboot, no phone system to manage, no syncing required.

At the end of the day, you pick up your tablet, toss it in your bag and head home.  The next day you do the same thing, only this time you never leave home.

Imagine how easy that would be.

What does your vision of the future look like?

Action Item: Make a list of technology that you can move to the cloud. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry.  We created a checklist you can use.

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