You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid! (A 2019 skucon Video)


Luke Freeman aka "TheSwagFather," is the Founder & President of Ft. Lauderdale, FL based Wizard Creations as well as a partner in four other companies outside of the Promo Industry.

Year after year, Wizard Creations has been named by ASI's Counselor Magazine as one of Top 25 fastest growing Promotional Products distributors as well as "Best Places to Work!" For a millennial run company, their client lists reads as a "who's who of blue chip brands." Wizard Creations creates products for illustrious brands such as Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, and Carnival Cruise Lines, just to name a few. Luke attributes his companies success to, "Living by the Golden Rule." Mr. Freeman was honored by the South Florida Business Journal as a 40 under 40 honoree. He is also a member of EO (Entrepreneur Organization), and sits on the board of 6 non-profits and supports over 30 more throughout the South Florida region.

In this video session from skucon, Luke shares how time and time again, he pushed boundaries beyond the ordinary, thwarting the advice of his inner circle, taking risks that backfired, failing, falling, and rising again to relentlessly pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Luke shares how he learned to effectively weigh the pros and cons through a series of risk-taking adventures that shaped the successful entrepreneur he has become today.

From his final round on The Apprentice to his experiences with Shark Tank, CNBC’s The Profit, losing 30% of his promo business (and climbing back!), and succeeding through product development and patent work, Luke takes us on a roller coaster journey filled with entrepreneurial lessons of woes and wins.

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