Webinar: 3 ways you can use Wishpond to help increase sales


We hosted a webinar on the 3 ways you can use Wishpond to increase your sales. In case you missed it, you can watch it here:Here is a recap of the questions that were asked after the session:Q: How much time do you dedicate to Wishpond?A: Like any new software there is a learning curve but we chose Wishpond because it is easy to get going. Start off small by creating one landing page and one workflow and then as you become more comfortable you can start adding to your marketing efforts. It will take up less time the more you understand the platform.Q: Do leads need to be tagged in commonsku before you create a list in Wishpond?A: Yes, if you would like the leads to be pushed over from Wishpond for a certain tag, the company must be tagged as such in commonsku. If you want to add newly tagged leads to an existing list, simply pull the report again in commonsku and export it to Wishpond to refresh your contacts.Q: Does commonsku allow you to tag leads in bulk?A: Not at this time. We are updating our commonsku contact cards currently and the possibility is being considered.Q: How much does Wishpond cost?A: Our integration applies to Wishpond's Pro Plan or Fully Managed Plan. The Pro Plan provides you unlimited user accounts and is $49/month billed annually.If you have any questions after you watch the webinar, you can send an email to Kate Masewich our Marketing Manager: kate@commonsku.com.To get started with Wishpond, you can email our dedicated rep Alex (alex@wishpond.com) to book a demo. If you prefer to jump right in you can start a free trial.