Using commonsku to Produce Marketing Content


A recent content marketing study for inbound marketing firm Optify rounds up B2B content marketing trends for 2012.Overall, content marketing is gaining in popularity for B2B marketers with 84% of respondents planning to increase their content creation over the next 12 months.The biggest challenge reported by participants was having enough time and bandwidth to create content. commonsku helps users overcome this hurdle by providing an abundance of data that can be rolled out into a variety of marketing content.

Three ways users can engage commonsku to produce content

1. Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the most popular content formats that marketers use. In addition, they are one of the least outsourced marketing methods, which means it is a tactic that won't kill small businesses to implement.Free email newsletters services like MailChimp do the heavy lifting in terms of walking you through compliance rules and helping to make sure your messages are delivered. Pairing MailChimp with the Mailing List Report makes transfer of segmented lists from commonsku to MailChimp as easy as apple pie.

2. Case studies

Marketers consider case studies to be the most effective tactic to engage prospects. They hold steady at the #1 spot for the second year in a row.You can poke around commonsku for case study ideas in a number of places:
  • On the newsfeed you can see the most current products being quoted and sold.
  • In the sales dashboard, you can drill down and see products that are popular at a certain time of year.
  • On the sales rep report, you can sort by industry to find trends among and between the different segments that you serve.
Crunch some numbers, identify a few trends, and the heavy lifting is done. From there, all that's left is the writing.

3. Infographics

The fastest rising content format is infographics, up 15 percentage points year over year to 43%. commonsku's reporting dashboard contains a mass of information that can be spun into an infographic. Some ideas off the top of our heads:
  • Product categories purchased by your top grossing clients
  • Products most quoted by your sales staff
  • Average sales cycle time by product category
  • Average price of a product quoted vs. purchased
I find the largest battle with producing content to be generating that original idea. With the tools available in commonsku, all you need is a few minutes to play with the application and some curiosity. The ideas and content will flow forward from there.The best part? You'll have hard data to back up your claims.Where do you source most of your content ideas? (Um, you are producing content, right?)
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