Episode 42: Steve Levschuk: Acquisitions, Organic Growth, and the Reality of a Flat World


Not many companies can claim they’ve been in business since 1886, but Talbot Marketing has, and they’ve not only weathered a few World Wars and multiple recessions, but they have also navigated the fast-paced contemporary scene as well.

At the helm is Steve Levschuk, the CEO of Talbot, who garnered a rare two-time recognition by Deloitte as one of The 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada. We sit down with Steve to talk about acquisitions vs. organic growth, supplier partnerships, international business, compensation models, and what it takes to become a “best-managed company.”Steve is also a distributor candidate for the PPAI board, and we discuss his vision for the industry and the opportunities and challenges he sees on the road ahead.

Join us as we chat with one of the industry’s legendary brands!

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