Smart Steps to Presenting and Closing Deals Faster

The process of getting ideas out to customers and getting them to a decision can be frustrating and time-consuming. Many companies are still sending pages long, cumbersome PDFs where the customer has to dig through too many products, many of which miss the mark. There is then a flurry of emails back and forth asking questions about specific products to get to an order.We think there's a better way.Here are three steps that can help you get better ideas out to clients and close orders faster.

#1 A Smarter Purpose: Know Your Customer’s Intent

Every promotion has a purpose. When clients call you for a simple product request, they have an intent behind that product. Your job is to discover that intent so you can wow the customer and close a sale faster.Start by asking the Simple Seven questions:
  1. Who is the target audience?
  2. What is the budget?
  3. What is the key message we are trying to convey?
  4. Pre/At/Post event marketing: What are the events leading up to this promotion (a “pre” question)? How is this item being distributed (an “at” question)? What kind of follow-up will take place after this promotion (a “post” question)?
  5. How do we want recipients to feel when they receive this promotion? What emotion do we want to evoke?
  6. What action do we want the recipient to take?
  7. How will the customer measure the impact of this promotion?
Taking the time to ask the right questions upfront is going to result in you suggesting products that are a better fit, saving time for both you and the client.

#2 A Smarter Process: The Power of Collaboration

The process of ideation can be painful, coming up with unique and interesting ideas can be very time-consuming. Shorten that cycle by tapping into an under-utilized resource - your key supplier partners.Leverage your supplier partners’ knowledge by sharing the answers you uncovered above. They know their product line the best and can often come up with ideas faster, along with products you might not have thought of.Use commonsku’s Collaborate feature to quickly send the background information on the project. The bonus: suppliers can suggest products directly onto your presentation you can then select.collaborate

#3 A Smarter Point-of-Sale: Smart Presentations

Make it easier for the client to give you feedback on your ideas. Commonsku presentations allow clients to comment on products in real-time, avoiding that flurry of disjointed emails. Get the client to a decision faster, then make it really easy for them to order the products.Enable our new Add to Order button on all products, allowing the client to select size, color, and quantity. They can review all of their selections and submit directly to you.

Add to order:


Add quantity:


Review and submit:

review_and_submit_orderThe best part? This automatically creates a Sales Order (purchase order) so you are off to the races to get this into production and move on to landing the next order.What are you waiting for? Implement these 3 easy steps today and close business faster.tryitfree
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