skucon 2017 Merch - The Definitive Guide


Every year when we produce the merchandise collection for skucon, we are asked where we sourced the products. Well, this is your definitive list for skucon2017. We have linked to the vendors on commonsku and have referenced sku's (where applicable).1. Preloved MittsWe worked with Kathy Cheng and Alex Wong at Redwood Classics to produce these custom, "no pair is the same" mitts from their Preloved Collection. Style WPR001redwood2. Moleskine JournalsThe good people at Gemline helped us out with these beautiful Moleskine Cahier Journals (style 40485). Wendy Farrell executed brilliantly as usual. I loved the matte grey skubot printed (with perfect detail - hard to do with the barcode)gemline3. SocksBamBams stepped up big (again) and produced a custom skubot sock (style HCS-500). We were excited to work with Dan Taylor and his team on this item as it was a new category for them, and they were able to produce some exceptional detail for us.bambams4. Peppermint BarkNo skucon would taste quite the same without the delectable goodies from our friends at Maple Ridge Farms. Tom Riordan and his amazing team of chocolate elves have been producing sweets for us since the first skucon.mapleridge5. Crests and PinsWe tried something new this year at registration. We know that a variety of job roles are represented in the commonsku community (sales, marketing, operations, creative, entrepreneur to name a few). In an effort to connect these groups at the event, we gave everyone the chance to select crests that best described their role within their companies. EMT produced the crests with a removable adhesive so attendees could stick them on their badges, shirts, bags (and then sew them on permanently when they got home). Give Steve Weinstein or Brian Stidham a shout and they will set you up!emt1EMT also did a limited edition run of our commonsku University crests and pins. Not only do graduates get smarter on commonsku, they get way more stylish :)emt2emt36. PowerbanksiClick did a brilliant job with this custom skubot powerbank. All phones and tablets at the event were charged to 100% thanks to Reggie Gonzalez! The detail was superb as was the customer service experience of working with their design wizards in Seattle. This was style X400 (with a 2200 mAh lithium battery pack).iclick7. Plush skubotsWe started designing the custom plush skubot with Hit in the summer. Their team worked with us (shout out to Tee Hamilton for her design direction) to produce a fabulous plush skubot that was the hit (bad pun, sorry) of the event. Thank you Jen Grigorian for your help with pulling this project off without a hitch!hit2 hit8. TumblersJeff Batson and his team at NEXT helped pull off another order of these Shelby tumblers for us. There was a lot of coffee drunk at skucon, and these mugs ensured it was consumed in style.nextNEXT is also responsible for the 3M removable floor graphics that you saw throughout the event. They add so much personality to the event and we are so thankful for their generosity.floor-graphics9. T-shirts and HoodiesSanMar generously produced their awesome District shirts and hoodies for skucon, and we worked with T-shirt Tycoon to decorate and private label them. In the case of the T-shirts, T-shirt Tycoon added a custom pocket to the shirts and all-over printed the design so that the shirts had a completely custom feel to them. For a detailed version of how we designed the shirts from start to finish, please see this post.T-shirt (base style, without the pocket) DT6000 (Men's) and DM106L (Ladies)Hoodies (staff uniform and speaker gifts) DT190 (Men's) and DT290 (Ladies)sanmar1 sanmar210. Tote BagsAny decent merch collection worth its salt needs a stylish way to carry it. We looked no further than our friends at RuMe Brandsuite who printed the sponsorbots on their awesome Medium Tote (Taylor pattern). We love them and we love Dan Frailey, Tiffany Tushar, Nicole Hite and Becky Blyth.rume11. Essential OilI came back from Vegas exhausted (in a good way). 3 drops of this goodness in a hot bath put me back in top form. SnugZ USA to the rescue! Style NGSEO1-DBsnugz12. Lanyards and badgesWe worked with SnugZ USA to produce these beautiful full color sublimated lanyards (LS34)and variable data printed 4"x6" badges (BCP46). Not only did they look professional and awesome, but they saved us a ton of time at registration.snugz113. SIGG Hot&Cold BottlesWe know our audience is picky and discerning when it comes to their merchandise. This is a brand focused crowd, so we worked with Kate Plummer at Clearmount (SIGG's exclusive promotional partner in North America) to etch these Hot&Cold bottles. Note the intricate 3D laser etched skubot. Magic.sigg2 sigg114. BannersAll of our banners were produced by Jerry Mrozek and the team at Visual Textile. Jerry has supported us from the very first skucon and his team is first class. The product quality is untouchable and we thank him for making sure we look our best on stage.banners15. Beer!We have worked with A+ Wine Designs since our initial skucon for our skubrews (Ballast Point Lager and IPA, though we have always said it's our secret recipe :) This year we did a beautiful full color printed label and they were the hit at our afternoon networking break. A+ Wine Designs is seriously A+ for any decorated alcohol program. A big shout out to Jim Ristuccia for all of his help with this year's brews.aCheck out this great pic from Jerry Mrozek of all 4 years of skubrew!beerThat's a wrap! You can't wrong with working with any of these top notch vendor partner. Scout's honor. Until the next skucon everyone :)