skucon Stories: Gillian Hammond with Brand Fuel, Inc. (A skucon 2019 Video)


A new series introduced at skucon this year were 10-minute segments called “skucon stories.” Outlandish, bizarre, risky, and hilarious, these are stories told from the trenches by some of the most experienced pros in the business.

Our first story was shared by the quirky-cool and creative Gillian Hammond, Senior Account Manager at Brand Fuel, Inc. With over fifteen years experience, Gillian has worked with clients all over the world in developing creative and effective promotional product campaigns, ranging from employee/client incentives, client/employee appreciation, marketing/tradeshow efforts, employee/ client recognition, and more.

Gillian, in her words, "thrives on the symphonic collaboration of people working in varied time zones, in varied roles, all coming together to get ink on product delivered on time. It’s akin to threading a needle in the dark with a team you’ve often never met. And with the help of my award-winning Brand Fuel team, we do this successfully and with joy

"Check out Gillian's story above and tune in for our next installment of "skucon stories!"

"Every day I wake up and am so thankful I stumbled into this crazy, energetic industry, which allows me to stretch my brain and constantly push what is possible." - Gillian Hammond

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