Episode 32: Inside Sales Success Secrets with Mitch Silver


"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory," wrote the philosopher.

How do you grow a client relationship without the benefit of face-to-face contact?

This is the focus of our conversation today as we explore the topic of inside sales: a tactical look at how to nurture relationships, expedite processes in the selling cycle, and win clients by service, proactive selling, and creative communication.

Our guest is Mitch Silver of Printable Promotions. ASI's Counselor Magazine has recognized Printable Promotions as one of the Best Companies to Work For, three years running. And this year, Mitch was a finalist in Advantages Magazine's Sales Rep of the Year. Mitch and his team have developed a robust internal sales program, and he joins us to share highlights from their experience, including:

  • Using database marketing and hashtags for sales targeting
  • How a swift and generous sample policy (to qualified customers) helps close sales
  • The power of the written word for sales communication
  • How reciprocity helps establish stronger connections with customers
Join us, as we explore the art and science of growing sales from within!

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