Episode 29: Printfection: A Swag and E-Commerce Success Story


How do you nurture an idea from start-up to millions?

Many think that start-ups pursue one singular concept and follow it through to completion, but most journeys are a story of starting, starting over, and starting again and again, a recurrent theme in most entrepreneurial pursuits. The original business idea changes, and, ultimately, the execution of the idea is the part that disrupts; it is a path of “incremental and iterative” tactics, says Casey Schorr.

This is the story of two young innovators who came to the promotional products market with an idea that no one had tried before (in the B2B space). And, like all pioneers, they faced adversity, were ambushed by failure, yet, they adjusted their course and blazed a new trail.

Join us in this episode as we trace the business journey made by Casey Schorr and Kevin Materi of Printfection and learn how they created a robust swag management platform that found its stride after continuous acts of transfiguration.

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