Episode 27: The Speed of Change with Tom Goos


We meet Tom Goos, the President of Image Source, in the lobby of the Red Lion Hotel where the NWPMA show (a regional trade association show) is held. Under a drizzly rain, we walk outside and climb into Tom's Porsche. The accelerating, distinctive roar of the engine hums as we glide through the tight turns of Portland's streets. We end up at an upscale restaurant that Tom frequents. Occasionally, Image Source hosts events here for clients.You would think that a guy that drives a new Porsche, sports a Breitling, and wears custom-tailored suits would be pretentious and arrogant, but that's not Tom's way. Tom is someone who enjoys the fruits of his labor but also, someone who willingly shares his experiences with others so that they, too, can navigate the road to success. Tom is also a competitive athlete. Speed is a metaphor for his life. Not reckless velocity, but a controlled, strategic, and purposeful rhythm toward victory.We recorded this episode on the tradeshow floor, earlier in the day.

During the conversation, we discuss a number of paths to success, including:

  • What makes a successful partnership
  • How it is wiser to hire based on culture, not performance (plus, ideas on how to cultivate culture in your organization)
  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • How economies of scale get better with growth
  • What dangers and opportunities are before us as an industry
  • Financing your small business
Tom also shares with us his viewpoint of the industry's future. As a former chairman of PPAI (the industry's trade association), Tom has a unique perspective on the health of the industry and what the future may hold. We enjoyed our talk with Tom; we hope you do, too. Give us a shout if you find it useful.

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