Episode 24: Supplier Rebates, Terms, and Price Negotiations


Have supplier negotiations gone too far? Do supplier rebates comprise too much of a distributor's bottom line profit? Is the financial viability of the distributor model too dependent upon draconian price negotiations? Do extreme preferential price negotiations, outrageous extended terms, and unreasonable demands, signal that a distributor business is in jeopardy?

Or, are tenacious supplier negotiations simply good business practices? Are rebates and strong price negotiations actually healthy when implemented in tandem with supplier goals?

This episode was sparked by a controversial article published in The Counselor magazine entitled, "The Big Squeeze: Are Promo Distributors Putting Too Much Demand on Suppliers?" Samantha Kates, commonsku's Vice President of Sales, has had extensive experience as both a supplier and a distributor and has been on both sides of the negotiating table. Sam joins Mark Graham and Bobby Lehew as they wade into the controversy to discuss supplier rebates, price negotiations, and more!

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