Episode 23: The Promotional Product Landscape (The Next Five Years)


The promotional products industry is undergoing significant market-force changes. Some changes are noticeable (mergers and acquisition) but some of the most significant changes are subtle, yet they have a profound impact on future growth. In this episode, Mark and Bobby discuss how the industry has splintered into specialties, namely four distinct market segments:

  • Smaller distributors (usually 1-person, less than $500,000 in annual sales)
  • Pure e-commerce players
  • Agency or niche verticals
  • Company store providers
For each segment, we talk through the various threats, opportunities, and options. Though we remain optimistic about the growth and health of the industry, we also note serious concerns about the future viability of some of the models. It is our hope that by joining us in the collective conversation around future viability, we can shift our focus toward the most profitable path possible.