Episode 15: Mastering Marketing with Sam Brown


This is part one of a special two part series focused on how to do marketing right.

This first episode explores marketing from a distributor perspective. Our second episode to follow will explore how suppliers implement marketing effectively.

In this discussion, we speak with Sam Brown about why marketing matters more than ever today for the modern distributor.

Sam has tremendous street cred in the world of marketing. She got her start in the industry as the distributor owner of Silver Star, a successful Canadian distributor. In 2015, she sold the business, commanding a premium that she attributes directly to her investments in marketing. In 2016, she joined BrandVia, one of the industry’s largest and most successful distributors, to become their Marketing Director.

Today, Sam is in charge of telling BrandVia’s story, enabling sales people to sell even more and to continue to differentiate from the myriad competitors in the market.

skucast explores the Who, What, Why and How of the promotional products industry. It shines a light on our industry’s best work, features maverick personalities, and discusses what’s really involved in running a modern promotional products business.