Episode 14: Making a Difference with Danny Rosin


On today’s episode, Mark speaks to a close friend and long time collaborator, Danny Rosin. Danny is the Co-President of Brand Fuel in Raleigh, North Carolina, the founder of Band Together and a chef with PromoKitchen, to highlight a few of his many responsibilities.

Danny is currently a distributor candidate to be on the PPAI Board of Directors. The election runs from August 29th-September 19th, so before that we wanted to explore the reasons for his running, what he stands for and what’s broken that needs his fixing.

While Mark, Catherine and the commonsku team openly endorse Danny for the Board of Directors, this episode is not about soft lobs and easy setups. This discussion will reveal what it means to run for the board and the impact that volunteering for the association can have on our industry.You can cast your vote for the PPAI Board of Directors Election here.

Danny Zoolander and Grahansel