Episode 11: Why Content is King with Kirby Hasseman


This episode is all about content. We are going to talk about how to create excellent content and why this matters to the modern promotional products professional.Our guest is Kirby Hasseman, President of Hasseman Marketing and Communications. In addition to Kirby’s successful distributor business, he is also a speaker, blogger, podcaster, video personality and author. Kirby talks to us about how he balances the demands of running a business with these content efforts. We’ll also discuss the impact content has had on his business and how you can get started today with your own content program.Kirby has also just published his 4th book, "Fan of Happy: 110 Life Lessons from A Dad To His Daughters". The book offers some powerful tips on how to live a more successful and positive life. It’s a wonderful read, a playbook that every business person should have when navigating the ups and downs of life and business. Here is a little sneak peak of what you can expect:When The Critic Shows UpIt's hard to choose yourself. It's hard to put yourself out there and take the chance. It absolutely IS what you should do, but it's hard. When you do, it is so nice when you have people give you that positive feedback to encourage you. But if you are really pushing, if you are really hustling, that is when the critic shows up. The critic shows up to put you back in the box. They might disguise themselves as well meaning. Heck, they might even be well meaning, but when they point out what you are doing wrong, why your work doesn't make sense, why you stink, it hurts. It's natural to get angry and lash out. You want to remind them that they have not done anything. It's easy to tell them they don't get it. Don't do it. Really listen, accept the feedback and thank them. Not only can you possibly learn something from them, but they have given you something more valuable. When the critic shows up, you know you are on the right road. Keep pushing.When You’re On A RollAs they say: “Sometimes you are the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug.” Sometimes when you are on a challenging journey, you will work and toil with (what feels like) very little result. But if you keep at it, day by day, you will find that you make progress, over time. Then one day it will bust loose. You will see that the results start to come “easy.” They come “all of a sudden.” In reality they have been building over hours, and days and weeks and months of work. Now they are all coming at once! It is awesome! The natural thing to do when things get like this is to relax. This is when people will tell you to take a vacation or a day I say, when you are on a roll, keep rolling! Keep hustling! The harder days will be back before you know it. You will be glad you made the most of the roll downhill.We'll be giving away 25 copies of Kirby’s book to skucast listeners. For your chance to win, fill out this form.

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