Episode 38: Dan Frailey of RuMe BrandSuite on the Retail Trends We Are Ignoring and the Power of Transparent Collaboration


Dan Frailey is the President of RuMe BrandSuite, the promotional division of the wildly popular retail brand RuMe (which stands for "reuse me").

RuMe BrandSuite has taken the industry by storm and was recognized this year by ASI's The Counselor magazine as the fastest-growing supplier. Known for their affordable and beautifully styled products, RuMe Brandsuite is not only bringing fashion-forward retail trends to the industry but also leading with a passion and commitment to sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyles.

In this episode, we talk with Dan about:

  • What sourcing vs. collaboration really looks like
  • Practical steps to help you work better with supplier partners
  • The danger to suppliers and distributors who do not differentiate their brands
  • The retail trends we are not paying attention to
  • How the internet is more of a threat to suppliers than distributors
And more! Dan is also running for the PPAI Board, and we explore his ideals for the profession and how RuMe's success, fashion-forward trending, and Dan's passion for purpose-driven brands can help build robust partnerships for a thriving future.

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