Promochat, skucon Edition! (A skucon 2019 Video)


#promochat is the industry’s digital water cooler, the weekly chat on Twitter where industry’s thinkers gather together to shape trends, explore new ideas, and discuss progressive issues that grow and challenge the modern distributor. And for the first time, the #promochat Illuminati stepped out from behind their screens to bring a live version of promochat to the stage! It was a fun, community-driven experience that everyone could participate in.

Check out the hilarious and poignant leadership of Jay Busselle and the charming expertise of Charity Gibson above as they help us understand the impact of a weekly deep dive into industry topics as well as explain why these real-time conversations are more important for us than ever before.

And a big thanks to the entire #promochat team, several industry influencers in their own right, who brought the magic of an IRL+digital experience to life at skucon and for working so hard, each week, to make an impact on those who are proud to call this profession home.

About Jay:

Rumor has it that Jay began his screen printing and graphics career sometime in the early 1980's in Mr. Perry's graphics class at East High School. He started printing “unofficial replica” t-shirts of his favorite surfing, skiing and skateboarding companies, as well as a few bands which will remain nameless.

Jay moved up from a cut-and-paste artist to printing for a screen printer and eventually working for his family-owned promotional advertising agency. It's been about 30 years and Jay is still hanging out with other promo peeps and apparel geeks on the island of misfit toys, pretending to grow up!

Jay is the founder of a weekly Twitter chat called #promochat and is a self-proclaimed CTO – Chief Taco Officer. Jay is a highly rated industry presenter and accomplished trainer but is most proud of his 6 children. Yes, 6! He knows what was causing it and isn’t having anymore, thanks for checking.

About Charity:

Charity Gibson spent 16 years as a distributor prior to founding green banana social, an industry social media consultancy, and eventually moved to the supplier side of the industry. She is currently the National Account Coordinator for Peerless and is a chef for the well-known industry 501c3 non-profit, PromoKitchen.

Charity has counter-intuitive thinking and marketplace disruption hard-coded into her DNA. She has been gifted with unparalleled creativity, a keen eye for eye-catching design, and a personality that has been described as both playful and magnetic. With these skills as a foundation, and creative marketing strategies that include leveraging both traditional and digital mediums, Charity has built a reputation as a tech-savvy promotional marketing powerhouse.

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