Obviously Awesome - How Context Setting can Take Your Company from What? to Wow! (skucon 2018)


April Dunford kicked off an inspiring day, speaking to a sold-out crowd at skucon in Las Vegas!In her presentation from the same title of her forthcoming book, Obviously Awesome: How to Stand out in Noisy Markets, April talked about the critical and overlooked fact of context and how distributors can harness the power of isolating key competitive advantages to stand out and differentiate their brands.An accomplished tech executive, (former VP of Marketing for IBM and Nortel), entrepreneur, board member, angel investor and advisor, April’s expertise is built on her 25 years as an executive in a series of successful technology companies.She has launched 16 products into market, and grown revenue from zero to hundreds of millions. She has worked with fast-growing startups as well as Fortune 500 companies and is a trusted resource at several large startup incubators and has led innovation at large global companies.It was our privilege to welcome April Dunford to the skucon stage, and we’re honored she shared her wisdom with the commonsku community. You can view April’s keynote and flip through her entire presentation, below: https://youtu.be/ws9NnJToKM8 

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