New and Exciting Podcasts in the Promotional Products Industry


In the past 12 months, I have seen a number of new and interesting podcasts in the promotional products industry. I have loved the podcast medium for years and have actively written about podcasts for some time now. Despite their popularity, our industry has produced surprisingly few podcasts, but that’s starting to change.Here are some new and interesting shows I have discovered in the last few monthsPromoMarketing podcast. This is PromoMarketing’s latest effort and they are off to a good start. I particularly enjoyed the recent episode with Chuck Fandos.Eat Sleep Promo. This is Strideline’s industry podcast where they explore industry trends through the eyes of notable guests. I particularly enjoyed the interview with Mitch Alterman of the IceBox.PromoCares Radio. PromoCares is the brainchild of several industry pros, including Roger Burnett and Danny Rosin, that are looking to do good through promotional products. So, You’re in Sales? SYIS is hosted by sales maestro Roger Burnett. Roger has held senior sales role in a number of industry companies (both distributor and supplier) so brings significant sales experience to the table. I want to give a big shout out to those intrepid souls - pioneers really - that have been podcasting for a few years within our industry. Among my favorites:Unscripted. Unscripted is hosted by Bill Petrie (Promocorner) and Kirby Hasseman (Hasseman Marketing). As the name implies, it’s an unvarnished take on the promo industry by two clever and quick-witted industry vets. It’s a fun and informative listen.Delivery Marketing Joy (DMJ Podcast). DMJ is hosted by Kirby Hasseman who has to be among one of the most prolific and wonderfully positive content creators in our industry. Kirby keeps your brain full with all sorts of wisdom about how to be successful in this industry.ASI Radio, similar to other media companies like NPR and the BBC, have not just one podcast but a wide variety that features multiple shows and a lineup of editors and professionals that frequently spark conversations about the health of the industry and its future.I want to thank my colleague and collaborator, Bobby Lehew, for providing the initial grease to the wheels that started our first podcast journey in 2012 with the launch of the PromoKitchen podcast and the subsequent launch of commonsku’s podcast, skucast, in 2016.On a final note, if you are interested in launching your own podcast, grab your mic and start recording. It does not take much to launch a podcast - the key ingredient is whether you can ask good questions, think like a member of your audience and have a good angle. And it may be rough at first (listen to any of the first episodes from the above-mentioned podcasts and you will see what I mean), but that’s no reason to give up.We have published two resources (here and here) from the commonsku blog on how to launch your own podcast. I hope to listen to yours soon.