Meet Parm!


We’re thankful that so many customers use commonsku as the platform to power their business and many of you have asked about our team so, we thought we would share more about the people behind the platform!Bat-obsessed and Chai-fueled, Parmveer Khangura, a former IT and small business consultant and graduate of York University, brings a wealth of talent and experience to commonsku, bridging the needs of small business with technology solutions that empower growth. Parmveer’s positivity, friendliness, and confidence is an inspiration! You can connect with Parm on commonskuLinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

What is your role at commonsku?
Business Development Representative. I’m enjoying learning more about commonsku’s CRM, having used Salesforce in the past. It’s nice to use a CRM that’s industry-specific!
Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
Rexdale (Etobicoke North), Ontario, for 18 years. Then decided to move into a newly developed area in Brampton, been there ever since!
How did your childhood home or town help shape your worldview and how you think?
It was unique, growing up in a region of Toronto that had a reputation for being rough around the edges. I grew up in a neighborhood that was atypically suburban; nice, quiet. My parents sheltered me and steered me clear of joining the wrong crowd. Growing up with modest, humble means, while growing up in an area where you had to be careful, shaped my personality, and my appreciation for the sacrifices my parents made to provide for my sister and me. Growing up in a city with a reputation for being less than desirable helped shape my worldview, made me appreciative for everything I have, never forgetting where my parents started, and always seeing the best in every situation no matter how dire it seems. When I tell people where I grew up, they’re usually shocked I turned out the way I did!
Where have you traveled? What was your favorite trip?
India one too many times, Edmonton, Calgary, Surrey, Montreal, Los Angeles, Cancun, Mexico, Boston, and Long Island, the Hamptons, which was my favorite trip, by a ray of sunshine over Cancun.
What hobbies/interests do you have? What do you enjoy doing when not at work?
Fantasy sports, more or less. I’m currently in a football league with my friends, along with a hockey and basketball league. Otherwise, I’ll spend my free time either watching a movie that has critical acclaim or a lot of buzz to it.
  • Meal: A meal I probably could (and practically do) have every day is my mum’s curry chicken on a bed of rice. It’s a reliable dish that hits the spot every time. I’ll never grow tired of the taste, it’s so good!
  • Film: The Dark Knight. On a nerdy note, I wrote an essay on the movie during undergrad!
  • Music: R&B with a slight edge over rap. Three albums I can listen to over and over are the latest releases from Solange, Syd, and SZA.
  • Book: The Millennium Trilogy, Rosie Project a close second.
  • Artist: Toss up between J. Cole and Drake, they both have a discography I can listen to over and over again, along with Kendrick Lamar. Drake holds a special place as the 6ix God.
  • Fictional character? The dark knight, Batman. I grew up with ‘90s Batman movies; I especially love Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, and the animated series, which still holds up well today! I had a Batmobile toy as a kid, (coolest gift ever), watched Batman Returns countless times on VHS, (absolutely loved Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy), even used to watch the ‘60s Adam West Batman TV series whenever it was on TV growing up!  I couldn’t relate to billionaire Bruce Wayne, but there was something about a dude who dressed up resembling a bat (who probably spent some time at Arkham Asylum at one point), had an assortment of bat vehicles, and a conveyor belt of weapons to "clean up the streets of Gotham” that I always found to be really badass.
Where do you draw inspiration from? Who inspires you?
My dad. He inspires me with stories of his tough upbringing, overcoming obstacles, and how it helped him place such a high importance on education, passing that importance on to me and my sibling. Also, he’s never blinked an eye at providing everyone at home undivided support. His work ethic drives me.My mum continues to inspire me. She’s worked some really tough jobs but never complained about them. She’s worked in factories doing manual labour while I grew up, yet always spent time with me and my sister, even though she was exhausted. Since we’ve moved to Brampton, she’s moved into the grocery industry, but her shifts still consist of her standing all day, dealing with disgruntled customers, she loves her role, she’s been doing it for over a decade!Last but not least, my grandparents inspire me. Whether it was my grandpa gardening well into his 70's and 80's, or the endurance my grandma’s had her whole life (despite all the personal tragedy she’s had to witness, especially having lived in Lahore during the partition in 1947). She continues to be an inspiration after my grandpa’s passing, even though she’ll a bit further away, living in India for the next six months!
Best live band you’ve ever seen?
Metric, with The National at Riot Fest a close second. It was a birthday gift, they were playing the ACC/Scotiabank, their setlist and stage set up were unreal, and the acoustics at the ACC helped make the experience a non-stop party.
Do you have a playlist you’d like to point us to?
My carefully crafted Spotify playlists, NOINNANET, NOINNANET 2.0, and NOINNANET 2.5 (200+ songs in each!)
What accomplishments are you most proud of?
Completing my undergrad was a cool accomplishment because I had a rocky start with the first program I enrolled in, but once I switched, and enrolled into the two programs I completed, my university experience was much more positive. Those programs helped me break out of my introverted shell whenever I had to present a project or seminar to a whole class, which I’m proud of as I still have an internal battle with my shyness.
What has been one or two of the most significant moments in your life?
My grandpa’s recent passing. His passing was the first in my immediate family which left a deep impact on all of us. He was six months shy of hitting the century mark, fought in the second world war, and I trace my love for sports back to him. I try to live my life the way he would’ve wanted me to, a way in which he would be proud, taking more risks, chances, and being braver when facing any hurdles, the way he would have.
What is one of your fondest memories as a child or a teenager?
Me, sitting on the window ledge of the apartment, watching fireworks from our window that looked out on the park as I ate one-too-many packets of dunkaroos.
What’s your latest binge TV or movie series?
I feel an unintentional Batman theme coming on, but, I’ve gone back and started binging on Gotham.
When you travel, what is imperative that you take with you (outside of normal hygiene products, clothes, luggage, etc.)
There was a time, not too long ago, where I’d always pack my favourite bomber jacket (which I’ve now lost) that had random pesos stuffed into the left arm zipper pocket from my trip to Cancun a few years back (pesos clearly weren’t good luck considering I lost the jacket). Headphones are imperative, too.
You have to pick three albums or three books or three movies that define who you are, what are your three? And why?
I don’t know if any three albums, books or movies define me, but I can pick three albums/mixtapes that shape my musical tastes today.
  1. So Far Gone by Drake: I remember my hype for his hugely anticipated second mixtape, his first mainstream mixtape was off the charts. I followed along on any new developments (as far as mixing the final product went with his engineer and friend, 40) and even went as far as doing a countdown to midnight the night his mixtape was released online (back when everyone was still downloading music and we didn’t have a healthy assortment of streaming options like we do today). The hype was so surreal for the mixtape, that I still remember I was listening to the mixtape when I downloaded the CDQ quality, threw it onto my MP3 player (remember those?) and then shoveled snow on a mid-February night. In a way, that experience might have borne my need to listen to music when I’m doing any chore or activity (thanks, Drake!)
  2. The Warm Up by J. Cole: I stumbled on J. Cole thanks to his feature on Miguel’s ‘All I Want Is You.' I didn’t stay up for the mixtape to release as I did with Drake, but his mixtape is easily an all-time great for his lyricism, production, messages. 2009 was an amazing year because I had these two mixtapes always to keep me company at school, work, or when I was doing a mundane chore/activity.
  3. Live.Love.A$AP by A$AP Rocky: My fandom for Drake was full-fledged at this point, and he was sharing posts of Rocky’s album cover on his social media letting everyone know the mixtape was a game changer, and it really was. It was the first time I ever heard an artist from the New York area incorporate Houston’s sound and culture, which is really bass heavy, and I was all over that. Drove my parents nuts blaring A$AP Rocky on the home theatre system, on my headphones super loud, or whenever I was in the car just to get the car to rattle and shake from the bass. I’d like to think Rocky’s debut paved the way for slowly dissolving geographically based sounds, which really resonated with me if it didn’t exactly define me. Almost literally had A$AP define me, because for the longest time, until logic kicked in recently, I was planning on getting the words the acronym stands for (Always Strive And Prosper) inked on my body.
Do you have any daily, weekly, monthly, or annual rituals you observe that are very important to you?
Waking up a little early to make my daily cup(s) of chai. I bring in a thermos that’s about a liter full of chai every day! Weekly ritual, for sixteen weeks starting in September, is to glue myself to the couch every Sunday to watch football games on the Red Zone channel for the sole purpose of keeping tabs on my fantasy teams’ performance! A couple of annual rituals that have come about in more recent years with my childhood friends is ensuring all three of our families come together for Thanksgiving and Christmas to have dinner, exchange gifts, spend quality time, have a laugh, and so on.
People or things? In other words, do you gravitate to projects or people more? Another way of asking, if this afternoon, you had to choose between making things or just hanging out with friends, which would you choose?
Considering I’m not very good when it comes to getting “hands-on” and building things, I’d naturally gravitate towards getting quality time with friends this afternoon. I have a couple of friends who work in the downtown core, so if they managed to get some time off, I’d love to hop on the subway and head southbound towards them to check out a restaurant or pub that I haven’t been to. I always want to be surrounded by an awesome ambiance, but also be able to get in quality conversations with my friends about their day-to-day at work, and if they’ll entertain the topic, sports!
Best cup of coffee (or tea) in Toronto?
Slight bias, but, my kitchen over in Brampton East where I make the best cup of chai. Every one of my family members and extended relatives rave about my chai tea making skills, not to gloat… but to gloat. Otherwise, I would strongly suggest trying Turkish coffee from Osmow’s - a bit on the sweet side.