Meet Bryan!


We’re thankful that so many customers use commonsku as the platform to power their business and many of you have asked about our team so, we thought we would share more about the people behind the platform!Bryan Leung is always ready with a laugh and a smile. Hailing from Hong Kong, he sometimes misses the Hong Kong pace but he's found a great home with the development team at commonsku.

Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
Hong Kong, I came to Canada in the 6th grade.
How did your childhood home or town help shape your worldview and how you think?
In Asia, particularly Hong Kong, the pace is really fast compared to North America, so, there are times that you appreciate being here because of work-life balance but sometimes, you think: time is money, things are moving too slow!
Where was the most exciting and enjoyable place that you lived?
Hong Kong. Everything is connected by subway and it's relatively easy to get anywhere without driving.
What do you enjoy doing when not at work?
Gaming and reading. Reading helps me gain knowledge in fields I would not usually explore and gaming helps me destress from work.
What is your role at commonsku?
Software engineer. I like solving problems that generate more revenue for the company, and it is challenging, naturally, due to new technologies being introduced every day.
Can you give us an idea of the types of projects you are working on right now for commonsku?
Smart presentations and supplier product for insights users. Smart presentations will evolve to become a quick checkout for clients and I'm currently working on introducing more analytics for our supplier insights product.
What project are you most proud of that you have worked on for commonsku?
Smart presentations.
What does a typical day at commonsku look like in your role?
Daily maintenance support for our distributors and development on future projects.
What hobby or skill would you like to develop (but haven’t found the time to do so just yet)?
I really want to learn how to draw anime, but never find the time to do it. I am always programming. :-)
If you suddenly found yourself without anything to do and you decided just to go hang out somewhere outside (with no agenda, no appointments, no obligations), where would you go?
Hiking in the woods. It calms the mind.
If this afternoon, you had to choose between making things or just hanging out with friends, which would you choose?
Definitely making things. I'd probably spend my time building a new app or drawing.