Meet Alyson!


We’re thankful that so many customers use commonsku as the platform to power their business and many of you have asked about our team so, we thought we would share more about the people behind the platform!Alyson Brunton brings a freshness and vitality to the commonsku team along with some serious experience from her previous gig with Boeing, learn a little more about the skater who hails from the "Hub of the North."What is your role at commonsku? What do you like best about your role?I am the Marketing and Event Coordinator at commonsku. What I like best about my job so far is that the pairing of specialties in my role allows for both hands-on logistics and planning and digital communications at the same time. Where were you born? Where did you grow up?I was born and raised in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. It’s a very small town of about 5,500 people that no one has ever heard of, four hours north of Thunder Bay (yes there is MORE Ontario up there). How did your childhood home or town help shape your worldview and how you think?Although my hometown was very small, it has been given the nickname “Hub of the North,” as it serves more than 20 remote fly-in First Nations. This brought the ~actual~ population of our town close to 30,000, and with tourism as the main industry of the community, close to 40,000 in the summer months #notsponsored. I think the revolving door of residents and visitors made me a far more open and welcoming person regardless of background or origin. Where was the most exciting and enjoyable place that you lived? Thus far, the most exciting and enjoyable place I have lived is Winnipeg, while attending the University of Manitoba. If you can get past it being -30 degrees Celsius 90% of the time and strategically plan your visit to coincide with Festivale du Voyageur, it's pretty great. The people in Winnipeg are so proud of where they’re from and will tell you pretty much any chance they get (especially if it has to do with the Jets). Where have you traveled? What was your favorite trip? I’ve traveled to every province either by plane, train, or automobile. Last summer I did the California coast with my boyfriend which has definitely been my favorite trip so far. We started south in San Diego and worked our way up to Los Angeles and then into San Francisco. The wide array of landscapes, weather and cultures reminded me a lot of Canada, and the endless supply of avocados didn’t hurt either. What hobbies/interests do you have? I’ve figure skated basically since I could walk, and took up synchronized skating when I started University. It’s exactly like synchronized swimming except on ice and much cooler. Of course, this particular hobby stems from my love of skating. But while competing in singles in the sport, I always knew that something was missing. Skating with a team filled that void and allowed me to continue to challenge myself and try new things in a sport I’d been doing for over 18 years while melting away the stress that typically came with singles competitions.Favorite film? Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I think whether you’re at a high or a low in your life, watching someone chase a cat, whilst frantically screaming “CAT!” in the rain is very affirming that you’re doing just fine. Documentary? Evil Geniuses. Basically anything true crime actually, but this one was especially unnerving.  Do you have photos that you’ve taken that you would like to point us to? I share a ton of the photos I take during vacations, while out at new restaurant spots and just during day-to-day life that are all fair game on my blog, Where can we find you on social? @alybrunton and @backalyblog on everything! What are you typically doing on a Friday evening? How about a Saturday morning? Friday evening I’m at the movies, my boyfriend and I love to see all the box office hits and then discuss plotline holes we’ve found afterward. It makes it very inconvenient for everyone else in our lives because we’ve seen basically everything that has come out in the past five years. Saturday morning I’m up and out to the Farmers or Flea Market, I love fresh EVERYTHING, and the hunt associated with finding a unique item that no one else has. When you travel, what is imperative that you take with you (outside of normal hygiene products, clothes, luggage, etc.)?A small elephant. My grandmother collected them in all sizes (from the size of a die to the size of a microwave) and all materials (from wood to ivory) and ALWAYS made sure their trunks were up for good luck.

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