180° From Ordinary: A Journey from $1 to $50 Million with Larry Cohen (A skucon 2019 Video)


Larry Cohen is the Founder and CEO of Axis Promotions, a promotional products agency based in New York City. Larry started Axis Promotions in 1992, when he saw a need for disposable binoculars for the NBA. Now, Axis Promotions is an award-winning agency with five locations across the country and has been named to Counselor Magazine’s Top 40 Distributors 5 years in a row and Promo Marketing Magazine's Top 40 Distributor list.

Larry Cohen and his business partner Joan Bluestone Landorf lead a team of over 56 sales reps and have been through a host of dramatic changes, from Larry’s first sale and dollar one (literally from his kitchen table) to now over $50 million in annual sales.

Frequently listed as one one of the best places to work by both ASI’s Counselor Magazine and Promotional Products Business Magazine, Axis has defined what a progressive and healthy work culture looks like while working with some of the most respected brands in media and building one of the most successful companies in the industry.

In his talk from skucon, Larry shared from his heart the lessons learned throughout his journey including key points such as strategy over product, being careful how you define success, "not believing your own bullshit" and many more.You can follow along with Larry's presentation below:

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