3 ways to free your staff from the tyranny of micro-management


The right software will transform your company.

I don't mean software patched together from 3 separate programs, duct-tape, and spit.  That's not going to transform anything, I'm sorry to say.

The right software is built for the job that you are doing.  A software designed with your workflow, for your workflow.

Modern software applications focus on their strengths and do them to the utmost. You should settle for nothing less.

Your company will never be the same.

Yes, some improvements are par for the course with software adoption. You will save time with a better software program. And, yes, you will definitely have fewer mistakes.  But, transforming your company culture? Where does that come from?For commonsku, it comes from three main places.

1. Collaboration

The newsfeed style approach to software introduces a new way for your company to communicate.

Sales people will be able to build off of the work their colleagues do.

Your staff will be able to re-purpose ideas and work to grow portfolios. Inspiration is served up daily in the form of new products or new presentations. The system automatically gives sales team members new reasons to reach out to clients with proactive ideas.

2. Awareness

If history holds true, the most interesting transformation you will see will be on the people side. From a management perspective, you won't have to ask people what they are working on.  You won't have to chase updates on clients or orders. You'll know at a glance what's happening on every level.

You'll know what your teams are doing. You'll know your numbers.  These two things will free you up to have better meetings.  Instead of number and task updates, meetings become about strategy. You can get into details on how to grow portfolios instead of hearing last week's news.

3. Freedom

Your team will have the freedom to work how they want, when they want, and where they want. The need for 9-5 facetime is gone. If someone is out visiting a client or working off-site, they still have access to everything, and everyone, they need. They can ask for ideas on the newsfeed. They can pull up a product from a great presentation. They can scroll through the newsfeed to see what's going on back at the office.The future of work.  This is what the millennial generation is looking for. They want the freedom to get their job done in a way that works for them. They want you to see what they are capable of...micro-management need not apply.Are you positioning your organization for the future of work?Action Item: Watch our presentation on engaging Millennials