Episode 98: Creating a Visual Road-map for Your Brand with Jay Busselle


Jay Busselle is the marketing director for Equipment Zone, a highly respected thinker and teacher on the subject of brand-building and a 30-year veteran in the art of visual literacy.  Many of you may know Jay as the lovable and hilarious host of Promochat on Twitter, where weekly industry thinkers gather together to shape trends, explore new ideas, and discuss current issues.

In this episode, Jay and I sit down and discuss his passion for helping companies understand and convey the visual literacy of their brand. We discuss:

  • How to build a visual roadmap or Brand Manifesto for your brand
  • How clarity around your brand helps customers and prospects prevent you from being commoditized
  • How the 80/20 rule is a myth but the 20/60/20 is truth for most companies
  • The difference between the tone and voice of your brand 
  • Mapping the customer’s emotional journey through every touchpoint
Join our quick conversation with one of the industry's wittiest minds!
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