Episode 97: NOW is the Time for Growth! Creating a Stronger Sales Focus in a Good Economy


“What we tend to forget is that we are still leaving money on the table because we are so busy and strapped for time.”

When the economy and industry are doing well and everyone is experiencing growth, sales teams simply respond to orders coming in. Unfortunately, many businesses do not realize their real potential, and instead, settle for average market growth. Now is the time to grow beyond your wildest expectations.In this episode, Mark Graham (commonsku's co-founder and chief platform officer) and Bobby Lehew (commonsku's chief content officer) share why a good economy can blind us to bigger opportunities, we also chat about:

  • How the salesperson of 2019 can struggle and also optimize during a robust economy
  • The importance of a stretch goal and why the focus needs to be on finding the right kind of business
  • Why sales-focused training needs to shift and why it is imperative in a good economy
  • Why it is more beneficial to go to an existing customer and mine it for additional opportunities over acquiring a new customer
  • The unique shift you should take with your sales focus when business is good
  • Why it’s more important than ever before to step back and reflect on your sales strategy
  • How the respectability of swag means creating more proactive sales opportunities through creative merchandising
And we also chat about commonsku sessions, the 1-day sales conference coming to LA, Chicago, Dallas, and New York, and a lot more. Join us as we chat about the dangers and opportunities that a robust economy can bring!

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