Episode 89: Importing and the Creative Power of Process with Daniel Gardner and Carolina Junghans of Blink Marketing


With 10 million in sales, 22 employees, and 17 years in the business, the brother and sister team of Daniel Gardner and Carolina Junghans lead Nashville based distributorship Blink Marketing and for the last several years have experienced tremendous growth. 

Approximately 40% of their work is importing, with high-risk distribution projects, and in this episode, I talk with Daniel and Carolina about several topics including:

  • The strength and balance of their partnership
  • How product safety has not just become a risk mitigation but actually an incredible client retention and business development tool
  • Their work with agencies, from tips on qualifying the type of agency to work with as well as the right questions to ask
  • The opportunities and pitfalls with company stores
  • How process has become the backbone of their success, and how that constraint of process actually fuels creativity

Join us for a deep conversation on several critical topics that impact today's progressive distributor.

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