Episode 88: From Inspiration to Action: Attendee Insights from skucamp!


Here at commonsku, we're obsessed with the entrepreneurial journey and passionate about helping others fulfill their purpose, not only through the practical aspect of making business process easier, but also through our events and education: we love to inspire change.So as skucamp, (our 2nd annual bootcamp for entrepreneur's) concluded, we wanted to explore the practical application of all that insight gleaned from a few days of intense learning.

I had the privilege of sitting down with several attendees to talk about what they were inspired by but more importantly, what they plan to change in their business moving forward. Our guests included Stacy Carter with Brand-On!, Brian Stidham with EMT, Brenda Speirs with Buzztag, Brian Gill with thumbprint, Cola Svec with Soul & Swag, and Amanda Delaney with Imagen Brands.

If you attended skucamp, you'll love learning what other attendees took away from the event and if you didn't attend, you'll pick up a tip or two from the experience of our guests.And if you missed skucamp, you can still catch some of that commonsku event vibe, intensity, learning, and magic at skucon on January 13th in Las Vegas. Hope to see you there!

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