Episode 83: Creativity and Collaboration


How does collaboration fuel creativity? How do collaboration and creativity impact a company’s growth and margins? And how can suppliers and distributors work better together to achieve mutual goals?

This is the subject of an epic conversation between Mark Graham and I and five industry friends, including Denise Taschereau from Faireware, Stephen Musgrave from RIGHTSLEEVE, as well as Jasmine Keen, Alex Symms, and Pierre Martichoux from Chameleon Like. We gathered together at the headquarters of Chameleon, just outside of San Jose, to tour the incredibly creative work of Chameleon Like and to discuss how collaboration fuels and accelerates creativity and how creativity can impact our bottom line.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How distributors can improve the collaboration process with suppliers
  • How today's creative project can become tomorrow's commodity sale
  • How creativity excels within limits
  • How slowing the customer down creates stronger collaboration
  • The next frontier: horizontal collaboration between supplier and supplier and also between distributor and distributor
  • The importance of distributors asking their clients for more information about their project and how it impacts the collaboration process
  • How distrust dampers creativity
  • How transparency is shaping the future of the promotional products industry
  • Building trust with competitors to advance collaboration and creativity while enhancing the customer experience
  • Why sharing customer feedback with suppliers is critical to the collaboration and creativity process
Thanks to Pierre Martichoux and his amazing team for their hospitality and we hope you get an opportunity to visit Chameleon Like someday, in the meantime, enjoy this glimpse into what creativity and collaboration can be at its very best.

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