Episode 79: Supplier CMO Series: Julie Fritsch, Starline


Welcome to a new series designed to uncover the personalities of the industry’s most prominent and successful supplier marketers and to explore the role that marketing plays in bringing promotional products to the market.

Julie Fritsch is the Vice President of Marketing at Starline Inc., a Top 40 Supplier and 2017 Distributor Choice Award Winner. With a career that spans experience with suppliers Jetline and PrimeLine, Julie joins Mark Graham, commonsku’s co-founder and Chief Platform Officer, to talk strategies and tactics for success.

In this episode, we explore with Julie:

  • The roles and responsibilities of her current marketing team.
  • Why she believes artists make the best marketers.
  • Are promotional product catalogs still relevant in today’s digital landscape?
  • The best - and worst - marketing channels for promotional products suppliers.
  • Marketing strategies for small promotional products suppliers.
  • How PromoStandards impacts her role as a marketer.
  • What it was like to transition from working in a large promotional products supplier to working with a smaller supplier company.
  • The benefits of using a chat feature on your website to communicate with your customers.
  • The three promotional products industry brands she admires the most.
  • And much more!
Join us for a creative and enlightening discussion on the art and science of supplier marketing!

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