Episode 78: How to Sell to Millennials with Pop! Promos


“There’s very little difference between people. It’s just how they communicate. If you can adapt to that and be open to changing how you communicate with your buyers, the rest of the stuff is pretty easy.” - Rory Young, Director of Sales, Pop! Promos

Pop! Promos is one of the most vibrant, energetic brands in the industry and Pop! Promo’s founders, millennials Erin Reilly and Sterling Wilson, were honored this year as ASI Counselor Magazine’s Supplier entrepreneurs of the year.

In this episode, we sit down with Pop! Promo’s Director of Sales Rory Young and Senior Account Executive Sarah Smith to consider a different perspective.

Pop! Promos is largely comprised of millennials, and we wanted to explore what that looked like from a sales perspective and consider what it means to sell to the millennial market. Rory and Sarah debunk many of the myths and misconceptions regarding the millennial generation and share how this generation is challenging distributors to become more innovative and creative in their advertising and merchandising strategies. We also discuss:

  • Their definition of the millennial generation and why they believe this generation has made an impact on the industry and workforce.
  • How millennials have impacted workplace efficiency.
  • The pros and cons of growing up in the millennial generation.
  • How millennial buyers impact the promotional products industry.
  • The challenges many distributors face when working with millennials.
  • The importance of having a forward-thinking sales team that can adapt and resonate with the millennial buyer.
  • The importance of understanding the difference between a millennial persona and an individual millennial.
  • Lessons they have learned from working with a variety of generations.
  • Why being open to changing the way you communicate with buyers is critical to future-proofing your business.
Join us for a fun and insightful journey into the mind of the millennial buyer!