Episode 77: The Reinvention of a 70-Year Old Brand with Mark and Britney Godsey of Gold Bond, Inc.


“Technology has really put a strong emphasis on the adaptation of the client and their needs. There are so many more things that are necessary to create that ‘wow’ factor than there were before.” - Britney Godsey, Vice President of Sales, Gold Bond, Inc.

Gold Bond, Inc is a Top 40 supplier, multiple time PPAI supplier star winner, multiple ASI distributor choice award winner, and is a 70-year-old company that has reinvented itself under the creative leadership of Mark and Britney Godsey.

Mark is the President of Gold Bond Inc. who started out as a teenager working in virtually every department within Gold Bond’s walls. Britney became one of Gold Bond’s highest producing reps in company history, and after proving herself in the trenches, is now the Vice President of Sales for Gold Bond. 

Mark Graham and I were on a four-state, five-city tour that took us to Nashville, New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas, and through Chattanooga where we landed in Hixson TN at the headquarters of Gold Bond, Inc. We were treated to a tour of their factory and sat down to talk with Mark and Britney about the story of their reinvention, including: 

  • Why the company decided to partner with and acquire Worldwide in 2014 and the lessons learned from that acquisition.
  • Their process for staying current on industry trends.
  • The pros and cons of relying exclusively on your sales force to identify industry trends.
  • Their perspective on how the customer has evolved over the last decade.
  • How the company changed their marketing strategy.
  • The most effective tactics and strategies they have used in their social media marketing plan and how social media marketing has impacted the company.
  • How millennials can advocate for themselves and quickly advance their careers in the promotional products industry.

Join us as we explore the process of reinvention and renewal through the journey of one of the largest and most successful suppliers in the business!

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