Episode 71: Making Magic with Craig Dunlap and Kirk Meyer of Meyer Dunlap


"Better than e-commerce."That's just one phrase of many that stuck with me from my conversation with Craig Dunlap and Kirk Meyer who run an $8.5 million distributorship out of Dallas, Texas. Friends since the 4th grade, they have led their distributorship through a host of changes, most notably a conscious cut in 30% of their revenues which led eventually to a 30% increase in gross profit.

At the PPAI Expo in January I sat down with Crag and Kirk to explore why and how they decided to narrow their focus on the right kind of client and how they have managed to build a successful company through a strong partnership. We discussed the values that govern their business and how it affects the way they work, values that are expressed in the acrostic, "Gimme Magic":

  • G - Greater relationships
  • I - Innovative ideas
  • M - Mindset of improvement
  • M - Move fast and ... break things
  • E - Exceptional customer service
  • M - Make it rain the right way
  • A - Attitude of happy flexibility
  • G - Gracious
  • I - Improve lives with a servant attitude
  • C - Cheerful
Join us for a free-ranging but incredibly helpful conversation on the hard work of making magic!

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