Episode 65: How to Grow a Colossally Successful Business with Mike Michalowicz


By his 35th birthday, Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies.

Confident that he had found the formula for success, he became an angel investor … and proceeded to lose his entire fortune.

Then he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies. Among other innovative strategies, Mike created the “Profit First Formula,” a way for businesses to ensure profitability from their very next deposit forward.

Mike is now running his third million dollar venture, is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal; is the former MSNBC business make-over expert; is the author of Profit First, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, (which BusinessWeek deemed “the entrepreneur’s cult classic”); and Mike will be our keynote speaker at skucamp, September 30th through October 3rd, at the Ace Hotel in New Orleans. 

In this episode, Mike talks with Bobby Lehew, commonsku's Chief Content Officer and Mark Graham, commonsku’s Chief Platform Officer about How to Grow a Colossally Successful Business by planting the right seeds, weeding out the losers, and nurturing the winners.

Seth Godin said of Mike that "he is for the entrepreneur who is stuck at being a wandering generality instead of a meaningful specific.”

Join us for a fantastic conversation on how to build a healthier and profitable business!
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